Edit contacts

Edit a contact by selecting the contact first. After you select the contact, right-click anywhere in the area of the selected contact and a menu of options appears which allows you to either view or edit the contact profile. 

In View mode, click the Edit button to go to Edit mode. This base principle is the same for normal contacts, conference contacts, and groups. 

Note that depending on your service provider settings all or no contact card fields may be editable. Depending on your service provider settings, you may also see a button for synchronising the contact card with the Telephony Directory or the synchronisation may take place automatically (native desktop only). 

When the manual synchronisation button (cloud icon) is visible, there is no automated syncing of the contact card details with server information. To synchronise the contact card data, click on the cloud icon. 

  • Delete contact removes the contact from your contact list. 
  • View Profile opens the Contact Information dialog box where you can add, edit, or remove information. This works for both normal and conference contacts. 
  • For groups, choose the Edit menu option to rename a group. 

Once done with all changes, click the Save button. 

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