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We’ve built the web-based MY bOnline to offer the same features of the mobile app so you can easily access your MY bOnline account information from your internet browser.

Getting started

Sign up for a MY bOnline account at 

The bOnline web-based portal allows you to:

  • Access and download your invoicing history and account statements
  • Review monthly charges, allowances and active add-ons (live usage not available at this time)
  • Make payments on your account via a secure payment page
  • Start a live chat with bOnline for quick support
  • Browse and redeem exclusive offers from bOnline
  • Update your Direct Debit information 
  • Update your contact details and preferences

What is the MY bOnline portal? 

Our web-based portal for bOnline phone and broadband customers allows you to view account information, including past invoices, make payments, and talk to a member of the our support via ‘live chat’ for quick support. The portal is designed to make being a bOnline customer even easier! 

How much does it cost to access the portal?

The MY bOnline portal is FREE to use. It may use mobile data when downloading your individual account information, but it works on Wifi. 

How do I log in? 

You’ll need to sign up using an email and password of your choice.  

How do I find my account number?

This number can be found on your first bill and in the bOnline welcome email. If you are not sure of your Account Number, contact us.

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