Why am I offline? 

If you have selected “Offline” status, you are shown as offline to others. Another possibility is that you may have lost your Internet connection. In this case, the client does not log out, but rather enters an offline mode where a contact list is available but communication is not possible. 

Why can’t I change my username and password? 

Username and password editing is not supported in the client. To edit your user name or password, contact your service provider. The exception is login password expiry. When it expires, you can change the password in a separate dialog window. 

In the preferences, the client only supports changing LDAP credentials. Desktop sharing credentials may also be changed, depending on your service provider settings. 

I have a USB headset and the call control features are not working. Is there anything special I need to do to enable call control support? 

In order to use headsets on Windows (not supported on OS X), several steps are needed: 

1) When the client is started, you must accept the API connection request from the connector/add-in device. 

2) Additionally, your client must have the feature enabled by your service provider. 

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