Using Your VoIP System - Getting Started [User Guide]

This article will give you a brief overview of your new telephony system and help familiarise new features, settings and your VoIP dashboard.
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Basic user guide on features and login

Logging In and Overview of My Phone Portal

Logging into the Portal:

The bOnline VoIP web portal allows you to manage and configure the features and settings of your service as well as set up call features and listen to voicemails. 

When you first sign up with bOnline you will receive a welcome email with your username and password.

Click here to go straight to the login page

  • Figure 1 - Sign In Box.

Enter the Username (referred to as the login ID in your email) and Password to log-in.

If you don’t have these details please contact us our onboarding team at

You'll be prompted to change your password on your first log-in.

  • Figure 2- bOnline VoIP dashboard.

The dashboard is split into six primary categories:  Dashboard, Numbers, Devices, Users, Advanced Services, Analytics, Reports and Profile.


  • Figure 3 - bOnline VoIP dashboard.

The bOnline VoIP system gives your business access to your voicemail messages and voicemail settings. When you first log in you are routed to the voicemail page.

From here you can listen, delete and download voicemail messages to your business. 

  • Figure 4 - List of voicemail messages.

To listen to a voicemail, select a message and then click the play button.

To download voicemail in .wav format, select a message and then click the download button.

To delete a voicemail, select a message and then click the trashcan icon located on the right-hand side and also in the top right corner.

Voicemail Settings

  • Figure 5 - List of voicemail messages.

To configure preferences various features available for your voicemail select ‘voicemail settings. 

  • Figure 6 - Voicemail settings.

By default, the voicemail setting of ‘send all calls to voicemail’ will be turned on.

Click on the image to learn more about the various voicemail settings.


Upon entering the portal dashboard you have the option to change the language of your portal as well as the announcement language. For example,  the language a caller will hear when they ring your phone.

  • Figure 7 - Profile Settings

Click on the profile drop down menu click on 'select language' and pick your preferred language.

  • Figure 8 - Languages

For more information on how to access further languages please click the image above.

Call History Tab

  • Figure 9 - Call History tab

The call history page allows you to view the history of calls for your phone number. This includes Caller ID, Call Type, Phone Number and date the call was made.

Call Settings

  • Call Settings: Do Not Disturb
  • Call Settings: Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Settings: Introduction to Call Forwarding
  • Call Settings: Call Forwarding Always
  • Call Settings, Call Forwarding Busy
  • Call Settings: Call Forward When No Answer
  • Call Features: Simultaneous Ring
  • Call Features, Office Anywhere
  • Calling Features: Call Waiting
  • Calling Settings: Business Continuity
  • Call Settings: Additional Features: Barge In
  • Calling Settings: Additional Features: Meet-Me Conferencing

Downloading the UC-One Apps

To download apps go to the My Apps page, here you will see all the apps you have access to. Simply click the download link for access to a desktop or mobile software app downloads.

  • Figure 10 - ‘My Apps’ tab

Please note that your username and password for both the desktop and mobile apps will be the same username and password you need to login into the MyPhone portal.

Retrieving Your My Phone Username

 If you’ve forgotten your bOnline VoIP username you can easily retrieve this by selecting ‘forgot username’ on the bOnline VoIP login screen.

  • Figure 11 -  Sign In Box.

Click the image above for more instructions on how to retrieve your username.

Resetting Your My Phone Password

If you’ve forgotten your bOnline VoIP password you can easily reset this by selecting ‘forgot password’ on the bOnline VoIP login screen.

  • Figure 12 -  Sign In Box.

Click on the image above for more instructions on how to reset your password.

To Change Your My Phone Password

To change your MY Phone Password select account settings under the profile icon.

  • Figure 13 - Profile Settings
  • Figure 14 - ‘Account Settings’ screen.

Under this section, you’ll have two options: Change Password or Change Voicemail PIN.

Select ‘Change Password’

  • Figure 15 - Enter password screen.

Enter your current password and then your desired new password.

Please note: passwords must be at least 10 characters long. No longer than 20 characters. Must have 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character.

Changing Your Voice Portal (or Voicemail) PIN

To change your voicemail PIN select account settings under the profile icon.

  • Figure 16 - Profile settings

Under this section, you’ll have two options: Change Password or Change Voicemail PIN.

  • Figure 17 - ‘Account Settings’ screen.

Select ‘Change Voicemail PIN’

  • Figure 18 - ‘Change Voicemail PIN’ screen.

Your temporary PIN will then be emailed to you, use this pin to access your voicemail inbox. 

Once you've successfully accessed your voicemail box the system will then prompt you to change your PIN.

We hope you have found this overview of your VoIP system helpful. If you require any further assistance please email our onboarding team on or call our customer service team on 0203 617 9950.

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