Fair Usage changes April 1 2020

Fair Usage changes

From April 1, 2020 the following changes will take effect: 

  1. VoIP Unlimited Total Cloud - including more free minutes
    (inbound, landline & mobile) in our fair usage allowance.
  2. 101 non-emergency calls - now free at all times from landline or VoIP.

VoIP Unlimited Total Cloud 

Fair usage policy


From 1 April 2020

Inbound calls

1,000 mins.


UK landlines

2,000 mins.

2,200 mins.

UK mobiles

700 mins.

1,000 mins.

36 Intl. destinations

300 mins.

200 mins.

View fair usage policy

Rate Card Changes


From 1 April 2020

Non-emergency 101

14.9 p

0.00 p

For more details, please read our ‘Terms & Conditions’ which have also been updated to reflect these changes to your tariff.

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