Skype for Business Integration

This section provides more hands-on information about Skype for Business (S4B) integration usage. 

The required startup procedure is as follows (reversing the order in which S4B and Communicator are started will not work): 

1) Start S4B. 

2) Start Communicator. You can have it minimised or in the foreground. Your service provider may also choose an automatic “Minimise after login” feature that automatically minimises Communicator after login. 

The original intended use case for S4B integration was to use S4B for on-net (VoIP) calls while Communicator would be used for off-net calls. 

The following sections describe the ways to make various kinds of calls. 

On-Net Calling 

To make an on-net call: 

1) Select a S4B contact and click the call button. Alternatively, right-click a contact and select an on-net number. 

2) Both the S4B main window and communications window are visible (as shown in the following figures). 

Figure 2 Making an On-Net Call 

Figure 3 Ongoing On-Net Call 

Off-Net Calling 

Off-net calling has more variations due to S4B remembering the last number used to call a contact when clicking the call button (default action). As a result, when in S4B calling another S4B contact who is, for example, offline or in DnD status, using the call button (where the default action is to call an S4B address) will fail and the S4B call will not complete. 

Your service provider can configure Communicator to make the call instead in these cases. 

To make an off-net call: 

1) Select a contact, right-click and select an external number (see the following list for the possible selections. Selecting a particular number from the right-click menu will call that number, while using the call button only selects the number to be called. The order in which the number is selected in this case is listed as follows and cannot be changed: 

  • Work phone 
  • Mobile phone (can also be two mobile numbers) 
  • Home phone 
  • Other phone 
  • S4B voicemail 

2) Communicator attempts to make the call instead of S4B. Both the S4B main window and Communicator communications window are visible. 

Figure 4 Making an Off-Net Call 

Figure 5 Ongoing Off-Net Call 

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