Communications Window

After starting communication with one or more contacts, a Communications window may be displayed for calls depending on your service provider settings (native desktop only). The call window can also be integrated with the Main window. 

From this window, you can perform the following actions: 

  • End an audio call 
  • Open the dial pad 
  • Mute your microphone 
  • Adjust your speaker volume 
  • Place a call on hold 
  • Transfer a call 

If you are using several monitors, Communicator opens the Communications window as well as notifications on the same monitor as the Main window. 

As of Release 21.2.0, Communicator limits the number of active communications to spare resources. The limit is 20 active communications on Windows and on OS X. If the maximum is reached, the main window’s top section warns user with the following message: “The maximum amount of communication windows has been reached. Please close some to open new ones.” 

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