Cancellations FAQ

How do I cancel my bOnline broadband & Fibre or VoIP services?

We’re sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving us.

If you do choose to leave bOnline, we have a cancellation procedure which needs to be followed.

You must give us written notice of your intention to cancel our services within 30 days to

Please bear in mind, if you use any of the services listed below, they will stop working automatically when your line is transferred away from bOnline:

  • bOnline email address
  • Static IP address

Charges for ending your bOnline contract early

Ending your service before the minimum term will result in early cancellation charges.

Upon early cancellation, remaining monthly charges in your contract are still liable to be paid.  

These early cancellation charges will be calculated by taking into account your plan and how many months remain in your initial contract (minimum agreed upon term of service).

We’ll contact you to let you know if you’ll have to pay any charges and how much they’ll be.

How long is my contract for?

When you agree to sign up to bOnline broadband or fibre and cloud phone services (VoIP) services a minimum contract length applies (minimum term).

For most bOnline products, the minimum contract length is 12, 18 or 24 months, unless otherwise stated.

A minimum contract length can also apply if you take up certain offers from bOnline, but we’ll tell you this before you accept the offer.

When do I have to pay early termination charges?

For  Broadband and VoIP services: Early termination charges only apply if your subscription ends before the end of your minimum contract length (minimum term), for reasons other than those permitted under your contract. Please refer to your contract for more details. 

In all cases, if you cancel your service after you’ve reached the end of your minimum contract length (minimum term) you will still need to provide 30 days notice and pay the final month of your charges. 

How much will I be charged?

The amount you're charged depends on:

How long you have left of your minimum contract length (minimum term) from the date your subscriptions end, calculated in days;

The days you’ve already been billed for in advance; and

The products that you subscribe to when your subscriptions end.

This means the amount you’re charged may not be an exact multiple of the monthly charges listed in the examples referred to below.

To find out how much you’ll be charged for each month remaining, based on the products that you take from us, contact us at  


bOnline Broadband example:

If you’re a bOnline Broadband customer, paying £16 per month, on a 12-month minimum contract length (minimum term) that started on the 2 August 2018 and you cancel it on the 16 April 2019, your total early termination charge would be £96. Here’s how that’s worked out:

Broadband + Line Rental

(£16 + £16) x 3 (for May, June and July) = £96 early cancellation fee.

The amount of your early cancellation fee depends on your chosen package please refer to your monthly invoice for more information.

Cancelling Bundle Deals

In the event that we have agreed to provide you with a bundle for all or part of the Services (e.g. Phone, Broadband and Cloud Phone Services) and you terminate any of these Services, we will automatically apply to you our then current separate charges for any Services we continue providing to you. 

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