How do I add products to eCommerce

In order to add products to your website please follow these steps:
 Part 1: Back End.
 A. Log into your website
 B. Click on the eCommerce tab at the top of your website
 C. On the Products page click the +Add New Product button
 D. Enter in the name, description, status and any variants you would like to add. Do not edit the Product Code or the SKU fields.
 E. In the Categories filed please enter the category you would like this product to be grouped with. The category is important as this is who you will choose which products are displayed on which page on the front end of your site (the part your customers will see).
 F. You can upload images and social media links from this page as well.
 G. Click Save This Product when you have finished entering in all the relevant details.
 Part 2: Front End.
 A. Click on the Website tab at the top of your site.
 B. Click the Customise button on the upper left hand corner of your stie.
 C. Click the third button called Pages.
 D. If you are creating a new page to display your products click Add New Page.
 E. Click on the button called Category (it has a small image of a shopping cart on it)
 F. Type in the Name, URL, Parent page of the page as you want them.
 G. Just below Page Settings and Security you will a section called Ecommerce. In that section select the category of products you would like displayed on the page. Then select how many images per row and whether or not you would like to display an add to card button on the page.
 H. Click OK and then Save All.

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