How do I configure my broadband router?

  1. Log into the device via IP using these details ;username = admin  Password = 1234
  2. Change the admin password to the password on the configuration sheet.
  3. Hover over network settings, and go to Broadband.
  4. On ETH WAN, click modify on the far right.
  5. Change encapsulation to PPPoE.
  6. Enter the PPP username and password, this will be on the configuration sheet.
  7. Go to the Ethernet WAN tab at the top, enable LAN4 port as ETH WAN, apply.
  8. Ensure the option "apply as default gateway" is selected.

Now you have completed the network setup, all that is left is end user settings and remote management.

  1. Hover over Maintenance, and go to Remote Management.
  2. Click all of the trust domains for every port and APPLY.

You have now completed the steps to configuring your router.

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