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This article will give you an overview of the UC-One Communicator app as shown on iOS and iPhone. If you are an Android/Google user please read this article instead.


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The UC-One Mobile app provides many of the benefits of your UC-Desktop Client, including placing and receiving audio and video calls. Instant Messaging with colleagues and Conferencing capabilities via My Room. 

The seamless integration with your desktop phone and the Desktop Client ensures that you get the most of using your mobility features.

Downloading the App

To download the app, go to the App Store and search for UC-One Communicator for mobile and click ‘Get’.

When you first launch the application you must accept the ‘End User License Agreement’ by clicking ‘Accept’.

and ‘Accept’ again on the second window.

On the top-right hand corner there is an envelope icon, pressing this icon allows the terms and conditions to be sent through to an email address.

Another pop-up will appear asking if you’d like Communicator app to send you notifications, click ‘Allow’. This can be changed at any time in the app settings.

Enter your User ID and password. Please note: This is the same User ID and Password you will use to log in to the UC-One desktop application.

If you would like the Communicator app to remember your password toggle this slider.

Tap Sign in.

Upon signing in you’ll be asked if you’d like the ‘Communicator’ app to access your contacts. This can be changed at any time in the app settings.

Once you’ve signed in the contact list is displayed. If you have added contacts via the UC-One Communicator desktop app they will appear on your contact list here.

Placing Voice Calls

To dial a colleague in your contact list, tap the contact tab and select a contact.

Then tap the phone icon to dial that person.

To dial a contact within your company but not saved as a contact. From the contacts tab, tap ‘Directory’ to search for the contact.

Tap the contact followed by the phone icon to dial that person. 

To place an outbound call using the dialler, tap the 'Call' tab.  

Enter the number you wish to contact and press the orange phone button. 

Your call will then be placed.

Please note: depending on your settings, you may be prompted to indicate how you wish to complete the outbound call.

To answer a call on your iPhone app, tap ‘Answer’ or ‘Decline’ to decline the call.

Placing Video Calls

To place a video call to a colleague from the ‘Chat’ tab.

Select the contact you would like to call and select the ‘Video’ icon.

Once your colleague answers you will be placed in an active video call.

Please note: Video Calls will always be placed using VoIP Dialling Service.

In-Call Actions

During an active call, you have the ability to perform a variety of functions. 

Mute: To mute a call tap the 'Mute' icon. To unmute a call tap the 'Mute' icon again.

Hold: To place a call on hold tap the ‘Hold’ icon. Tap ‘hold’ again to retrieve the call.

Speaker: To enable speakerphone tap the ‘Speaker’ icon. 

Keypad: To open the keypad tap the ‘Keypad’ icon.

Add Video: To add video to the call tab the ‘Add Video’ key.

New Call: This option will allow you to add a new outgoing call automatically placing your first call on hold.

Tap the menu to view additional options.

Transfer: This option allows you to initiate either a blind or consulted transfer. Tap transfer than select the contact to whom to transfer the call.

To perform a consulted transfer which allows you to announce the caller prior to the transferring, tap ‘Call First’. 

This will place the first caller on hold automatically and you’ll be able to talk to the receiving party prior to transferring. 

To complete the transfer, tap ‘Complete’.

To perform a blind transfer, which will transfer the call without prior announcement. Tap ‘Transfer to ___’. This will immediately complete the call transfer.

Conference: This option allows you to initiate a three-way conference call. Tap the Conference icon.

Then choose the contact you would like to join the conference call. Once that contact answers, the conference will be initiated. 

Park Call: This option allows you to park a call against your extension or another colleague's extension. 

Tap the option and follow the audio prompts to park the call. 

End call: To end the call tap the red phone icon at the bottom of the screen.

Pulling Calls

The call pull feature allows you to pull a call to your iPhone app that has already been initiated on your desktop app or another UC-One application.

This is helpful if you are on a call and need to leave your desk. You can move from one device to another without disrupting the call. 

To perform a call pull tap the ‘Call’ icon followed by the dotted icon.

Select ‘Pull Call’.

The call will be moved to your iPhone mobile client.

Send and Receive Messages

The ‘Chat’ tab is where you will send and receive chat messages and where recent messages will be displayed. Chats are listed chronologically with the newest chats shown at the top.

Sending and receiving chats is easy, simply tap a chat to open the messaging field and continue the chat conversation.

To create a group chat by adding one or more contacts to your chat tap the 'Add' button.

Then select the contact or contacts that you’d like to add then tap ‘Done’. The group chat is then created.

To chat with a contact that is not saved search for the contact in the ‘Directory’

Select the contact and then tap the chat bubble icon next to the IM email assigned to that caller.

If the contact does not have an IM email address select ‘Send Personal SMS’.

Enter your message and then tap ‘Send’. This will send an SMS using the messaging feature on your smartphone i.e: iMessage.

Host a My Room Session

To initiate a ‘My Room Session’ tap ‘My Room’, you will automatically be entered into a ‘Room’.

Here you can initiate a chat, once you are in a chat you can add participants.

From here, you can initiate a group chat, voice call or video call with the participants in your ‘My Room’.

Tap the ‘Call’ icon to initiate a voice conference call into your Conference Bridge.

Or tap the ‘Video’ icon to initiate a video conference call into your ‘My Room’.

Join Another Colleague's My Room

To join another colleague's 'My Room' from the contacts tab select the contact and select 'Join Room'.

From here you can join the audio or video session by tapping the phone or video icon.

To view other participants in the session tap the ‘View Participants’ icon.

To send a chat in the session simply enter your message here and hit ‘Send’.

Set Up Personal Assistant Feature

The personal assistant feature allows you to configure an announcement to be played to callers when you are not available. For example, you are at a meeting, out to lunch or on a business trip. 

The announcement notifies the caller of the reason why you’re not available and when you’re expected to return if you provide how long you’ll be unavailable.

To configure, from the Call Settings tab tap ‘Personal Assistant’.

Swipe the ‘Availability’ tab.

And choose from one of these options: ‘None, Business Trip, Gone for the Day, Lunch, Meeting, Out of Office, Temporarily Out, Training, Unavailable, Vacation’.

To add a duration for when this message should be played enter it here.

If you have someone who can answer calls while you're away you can configure a transfer to number here and the personal assistant message will provide the caller with the option to be transferred to that person.

We hope this was helpful but if you require further assistance contact our onboarding team at or schedule a call here.

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