Audio Calls

The following table describes additional Communications window icons and explains what you can do with them, for voice calls 

In the Options menu, there are the following options: 

  • Transfer a call to a third party (native desktop only). 
  • Put the call on hold. Note that if you hold the call, the other party cannot “unhold”. 
  • Add participants to the call (native desktop only). 

When establishing a call to a contact, you can choose several ways to call. Select the contact you wish to call and press the Call icon. This calls the default number. If you right-click on the contact you wish to call, you can choose the number to call from a right-click menu. 

There can be several phone numbers available in the menu. The work phone is the default and top most number is followed by mobile and other numbers. This also applies to the transfer and conference windows. However, in certain cases the transfer/conference default number can differ from other call options in other menus. 

The default call type can also be selected using accessibility menus (Calls → Dialing service). This controls the default call type when using call buttons. 

Dial a number in the combined Search and Dial field to make a call (native desktop only). Once you type your numbers, Communicator searches for contacts on both the local contact list and the enterprise directory. 

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