How to return my router to bOnline

If, for any reason, you need to return your router to bOnline, we are pleased to offer you a simple and FREE method of shipping.

  1. Please package up your router, power supply and cables in the original box, 
  2. Affix the self-adhesive sticker below, 
  3. Take the package to your Post Office (where you can ask for proof of postage) and we’ll do the rest. 

You should have received this leaflet (see below) with the delivery of your router. Cut along the dotted line and attach the address to the front of your parcel for free packaging. 

Please use this address for all router returns - do not return them to our head office

If you don't have this leaflet, you can print one here, and attached to your router following the same posting instructions above.

Should you not return the router a penalty of £50 will be added to your account, but this can be avoided if the instructions are followed.

You are required to return your router if:

  • There is is a technical fault and a replacement router is sent out
  • Early termination of your service with us 

We are happy that you use this return process at any time, rather than sending more ‘plastic’ to landfill.

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