What happens if I don't pay my bill?

If we've been unable to collect your direct debit payment, or a one-off payment has not been made by the date that your bill is due, then we'll apply a £5.00 administration fee to your account. We'll try to contact you to request a payment, but please be aware that your services may be restricted until a payment is made. 

If this has happened to you, when you attempt to make a call you maybe not be able to until your balance is settled. 

It's really easy to get your services up and running again, you can easily make a payment using the secure link sent each month with your invoice email. Please note that once you've paid your bill, it can take up to 24 hours for the bar on your account to be removed.

If your account remains unpaid, we may disconnect your service and pass your account to a Debt Collection Agency to recover any outstanding money on our behalf. If you wish to have your services reconnected following a disconnection due to non-payment, reconnection charges will be due (costs vary and are based on the services you are using). The outstanding balance on your account will also need to be settled.

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