1. Overview

The Analytics tab provides useful information about the Company’s and Site call history and usage. The information may be used to view trends at a high level or drill down to specific call types which can be used to manage calling behavior.

2. Analytics

This main section shows call activity at an Enterprise or Site level and provides tools to quickly and easily sort and view calls by call types.

Figure 1 - Analytics Screen

2.1 Search Bar

The search filter at the top allows call activity filtered to show only specific call details. The default shows all traffic for the current day beginning at 12:00 am. This filter applies to both the Graph and the Call Record listing below the graph.

2.1.1 Number 

The first drop down box - Choose between All Numbers (default) or only External numbers.

2.1.2 Call Type

The second dropdown box - Select a specific call type to filter on. Default is All Traffic. Options are Emergency, International, Long Distance, Off Net, On Net, Premium Rate, Toll Free.

2.1.3 Call Direction

Choose All, Inbound or Outbound.

2.1.4 Call Status

Choose a call status. Options are All, Answered and Unanswered.

2.1.5 Time Period

Allows the call graph and detail to be limited to a specific time period. The default time period is the current day (Today).

Figure 2 - Search Time Criteria

Other time range options are Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 days, This Month and Custom Range.

Figure 3 - Search Calendar

The Custom Range allows the user to define a start date/time and end date/time for the filter. A calendar view will pop up for selection of the dates and times. The left calendar defines the starting point and the right calendar defines the end point.

2.2 Graph

Figure 4 - Analytics Graph

The Graph displays the number of calls and minutes based on the filter selection. It also shows a comparison to the previous period. The default setting is all calls for the current day for either the Enterprise or Site as selected.

The graph may be changed to view the minutes by hitting the button at the top of the graph.

For each data point on the graph, hovering the cursor will pop up a box with detail of the selected time point showing the quantity of calls or minutes for the current and last period.

2.3 Call Record Detail List

Figure 5 - Call Detail List

The default view of this section shows call detail based on the Enterprise or Site selection and the configured Search filter above.

Columns in the search list


The date and time the call was placed based on the Site’s configured time zone.

Calling Number

For incoming calls, it is the telephone number of the calling party. For outgoing calls, it is the telephone number of the Site User.

Called Number

For incoming calls it is the telephone number of the Site User. For Outgoing calls it is the telephone number of called party.

Caller ID

  • For incoming calls it is the name of the calling party, provided via lookup to third-party CNAM provider. 
  • For Outgoing calls If the called party is on the same Site or Enterprise the name will be provided if available, otherwise it will show Unavailable.


The length of the call in minutes and seconds.


Derived via database lookup from the Calling Number for incoming calls/missed calls and the Called number for outgoing calls.


Derived via database lookup from the Calling Number for incoming calls/missed calls and the Called number for outgoing calls.


The country code of the Caller ID number. 


Derived via database lookup from the Calling Number for incoming calls/missed calls and the Called number for outgoing calls.


The call type of incoming, outgoing or missed.

An export tool is available to download a .csv file with the records found in the search.

2.4 Call Record Type Summary

Figure 6 - Call Type Summary

The Type report displays an overview of calls and minutes summarised by multiple call Types. The report also shows a percent of total for certain categories.

2.5 Top 10

Figure 7 - Top 10 Report

The Top 10 report shows up to 10 phone numbers or destinations with the most calls or minutes based on the criteria selected. 

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