1. Overview

BroadCloud Collaborate enables enhanced UC-One application functionality by providing IM&P, Desktop Sharing, and Audio/Video Conferencing capabilities.

With the IM&P service allows a user to build a list of frequent contacts called “buddies”. When a user wants to communicate with one of their buddies, they can quickly see their availability (presence) and choose a mode of communication (Chat, Voice, Video, or Desktop Share). The presence status can be viewed from UC-Desktop, through Microsoft Outlook (with Outlook Add-in for UC-Desktop client), and certain feature-capable phones.

Desktop Share provides the infrastructure to enable Desktop Sharing between UC-Desktop users.

The BroadCloud My Room feature enables audio and video collaboration within the UC-One applications and is supported in the UC-Desktop client (Mac and Windows) and UC-Mobile App (iOS and Android) as well as the Collaborate Guest Client.

The Collaborate Guest Client is an Xtended web application that allows a non-BroadCloud user (a guest) to participate in a Multi-User Chat, screen share, and audio/video conferencing hosted by a BroadCloud user in their My Room on the UC-Desktop client.

A BroadCloud user, called a “leader”, invites one or more guests, called “guest participants”, to join a collaboration session on their UC-Desktop client to participate in a Multi-User Chat (MUC), screen sharing, and audio/video conferencing. The leader shares an HTTP URL with the guest participants to invite them into the session. The guest participants open the link in their browser to join the session.

The Collaborate Guest Client supports the following features:

  • Joining a Multi-User Chat session.
  • Viewing the participants who joined the session.
  • Viewing the screen share, when it is started by the leader.
  • Joining the audio/video conference through a preconfigured conference bridge owned by the “leader”.
  • Leaving the collaboration session.

2. Feature Prerequisites/Restrictions

  • The BroadCloud Collaboration Bundle is an Add-on package for BroadCloud station types that include the base UC-One App Bundle. By default, the Premium and Hosted PRI – User station types include the UC-One Collaboration Bundle feature components within the station package.
  • The Collaboration Bundle is now available as a standalone product option in the BroadCloud Market and can be purchased on a per user basis. 
  • The UC-One Collaboration Bundle can be added to the Standard package. 
  • Service providers wishing to change the bundling rules for their product catalog are to contact their account teams to initiate discussion about the feature inclusion/layering options

3. Log into the Portal

After entering the Service Provider URL in a browser, the Sign In window appears.

Figure 1 - Sign In Screen

Click here to go straight to the login page. Enter the Username and Password. These credentials are sent via email when the Customer or Site Administrators are set up through the order process or in the Portal.

4. Go to the Services tab

Figure 2 - Services Tab

4.1 Select Services in the left hand navigation menu

4.2 Select Collaboration Bridge in the Productivity Services section

Hit the Collaboration Bridge button to open the Collaboration Bridge window for set-up and editing.

4.3 Select the Site

Figure 3 - Site Selection

Choose a Site from the drop down list and hit “Apply”

5. Feature Setup

Figure 4 - Collaboration Bridge Configuration

5.1 Configure the Collaboration Bridge

The Collaboration Bridge is must be set-up before its first use.

Note: The Save button at the bottom of the screen must be clicked to save any configuration changes.

5.1.1 Telephone Number

A telephone number must be assigned to the bridge before first use.

  • Telephone Number – Shows the assigned telephone number to the Collaboration Bridge. It will be blank until a number is assigned.
  • Your new Collaboration Bridge number – To make an initial assignment or to change the bridge number, choose a number in the number in the drop down list of available numbers. 
  • To change the bridge number, choose a number from the list. Hit “Assign” to save the new telephone number for the Bridge.
  • Unassign – Hit the “Unassign” button to remove the number from the bridge. If unassigned and a new number is not assigned, the bridge will be disabled.

5.1.2 Collaboration Bridge Default Settings

These default settings should not be changed. 

  • Name – A name assigned to the bridge number to be used for identification in this portal. A default name is provided, but may be edited to provide a more meaningful description. It may be 1 through 30 Unicode characters. This is a required field.
  • Calling Line ID First Name – Not used at this time.
  • Calling Line ID Last Name – Not used at this time.
  • Calling Line ID Phone Number – Not used at this time. 
  • Extension – Enter an extension number from 2 – 6 digits to be used to reach the bridge internally within the Enterprise.
  • Time Zone - Click the drop-down arrow to choose a time zone for the bridge.
  • Save – Hit “Save” to keep any changes.

5.1.3 Collaboration Bridge Rooms

This sections show the users which are assigned to the Collaboration Bridge. Some users are provided a Collaboration Room ID by default based on their assigned Station type. Other user may be assigned the Collaboration Bridge feature if purchased as an optional add-on service.

  • Collaborate Owner – The user’s assigned ID in the BroadCloud system.
  • First Name – The user’s first name.
  • Last Name – The user’s last name.
  • Phone Number – The user’s phone number.
  • Extension – The user’s extension number.
  • Room ID – The user’s assigned conference bridge ID to be used by all participants when dialling into a conference call hosted by this user.

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