1. Overview

The Company Profile screens show customer account details such as account name, account number and sales owner. It also shows main and technical contact information for the account. Some of the items may be updated in the portal. 

2. Log into the Portal

After entering the Service Provider URL in a browser, the Sign In window appears.

Figure 1 - Sign In Screen

Click here to go straight to the login page. Enter the Username and Password. These credentials are sent via email when the Customer or Site Administrators are set up through the order process or in the Portal.

Language – Choose a supported language for the portal to display in the drop down box.

3. Go to the Company Profile Menu Option

Figure 2 – Company Profile Menu Option

3.1 Select Company Profile

3.1.1 Account Details

Shows key information about the company’s account including Account Name, sales Owner, Account ID, and Billing Account #. The Account Name may be updated here. Hit “Save” to keep any changes made.

Figure 3 – My Profile – Contact Tab

3.1.2 Address Tab

This is the Company’s address. Fields may be updated as needed. Hit “Save” to keep any changes.

Figure 4 – Company’s Address

3.1.3 Main Contact tab

This screen displays the company’s main contact. Fields may be updated as needed. Hit “Save” to keep any changes. 

Figure 5 - Main Contact Tab

This is the company’s technical contact. Fields may be updated as needed. Hit “Save” to keep any changes. 

Figure 6 - Technical Contact Tab

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