1. Overview

Meet Me Conferencing is an integrated feature allowing multiple callers to join in a single call which enables meetings among diversely located invitees at any time. This feature enhances productivity by providing a tool that facilitates communication among a group of people no matter where they are located. Once the feature is installed, it can be used at any time without the need for scheduling or reservation. This allows impromptu meetings which help businesses make decisions more quickly.

  • Customers may have multiple Meet-Me conference bridges per site.
  • Multiple conference bridge owners (moderators) at the Site can be assigned to the same bridge. 
  • Each bridge supports up to 147 concurrent participants (ports), so customers will need to allocate their bridge owners based on an assumed level of oversubscription. 
  • Bridge ports are consumed on a first come-first served basis among all conference participants and moderator hosts.
  • Each Moderator/Conference ID is allocated 20 bridge ports by default. The Site Administrator can change bridge port allocation on a per owner basis; the range is from 3 to 147 ports. 
  • A Conference ID and Moderator PIN will be system generated for each moderator user assigned to a bridge and emailed to them.
  • On-demand conference recordings.
  • Moderator controlled through DTMF “*” code.
  • Can be up to 2 hours in length and saved in MP3 format.
  • May be downloaded for archival purposes.
  • Those older than 30 days will automatically be deleted from the system.

2. Feature Prerequisites/Restrictions

Before the Meet Me Conferencing service can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • Meet Me Conferencing must be ordered and configured at the site level.
  • A two-way number must be available and assigned to the Meet Me conference bridge.
  • Moderator (user) phone number(s) must be assigned to the bridge.

3. Log into the Portal

After entering the Service Provider URL in a browser, the Sign In window appears.

Figure 1 - Sign In Screen

Click here to go straight to the login page. Enter the Username and Password. These credentials are sent via email when the Customer or Site Administrators are set up through the order process or in the Portal.

4. Go to the Services tab

Figure 2 - Settings Tab

4.1 Select Services in the left hand navigation menu

4.2 Select Conferencing in the Productivity Services section

Hit the Conferencing button to open the conferencing window for set-up and editing.

5. Feature Setup

Prior to using Conferencing, the Site administrator must set up the feature. Follow the steps detailed below to configure or edit the feature.

Figure 3 - Conferencing Bridge List

5.1 Enable/Disable a Conferencing Bridge

Click on the box in the Status column to change to enable or disable a specific Conference bridge. 

  • When enabled it shows as On and calls to the number will be auto answered.
  • When disabled it shows Off, and calls to the number will hear a treatment message that no one is available to take the call.

5.2 Select the Conference to Configure

Select the Meet-me Conference Bridge to be configured. If you have a large list of them, you can also use the search tool at the top of the page

5.3 Edit Conference Bridge

Figure 4 - Conference Configuration Top Section

If there are more than one Conference Bridges on a Site, you can switch to another Conference to edit in the top right drop down box.

5.4 Settings

  • Telephone Number – This is the phone number assigned for the Conference Bridge. To change it, go to Assignments/List by Number. Search for the number and go to the Options box for the number and select “Unassign Service”. 
  • Name – This is the name defined for the Conference Bridge which shows in the list of Conferences. By default the name assigned is the lead phone number. It may be changed to provide a more meaningful label. This is a required field. Supports from 1 to 30 characters.
  • Caller ID – Displays the Caller ID which will be displayed when an outbound call is made from the bridge to connect to an additional party. It is populated by the system with the phone number of the bridge.
  • Toll Free Number – An informational field that may be populated with the Toll Free number which is pointed to the bridge phone number. It will be populated as part of the Caller ID.
  • Extension – Shows the extension number of the Conference Bridge. This can be used by users in the Enterprise to call the Conference Bridge. By default it is the last four digits of the lead phone number. This is a required field. From 2 to 6 digits are supported.
  • Time Zone – Select a time zone for the bridge which will be used for the dates and times for the Conferencing Report. 

5.5 Licenses

  • Total Conference Licenses – Shows the quantity of Meet Me Conferencing moderator licenses which have been purchase for this Site.
  • Number of Available Licenses – The quantity of licenses which have not been assigned to users and are available for assignment.

Figure 5 - Conferencing Configuration Bottom Section

5.6 Moderators

This list shows the available and assigned moderators for the bridge. The list of Available users may be searched in the Search bar to find a specific user.

  • Available – Lists the users Available for Assignment to the bridge. 
  • Assigned – Lists the users which have been previously assigned as a bridge moderator. 

5.6.1 Assignment of Moderators

  • Select a user or users in the Available list to assign by clicking the box on the left of the user name.
  • Hit the > Arrow button.
  • The users will be removed from the Available list and appear in the Assigned List.

5.6.2 Edit Moderator Settings

Settings for each moderator may be configured separately. Hit the Edit button to right of the user’s name in the Assigned list to open the 

  • Settings – 
  • Conference Title
  • When Attendees Join/Leave – Select an action prompted by attendees joining or leaving the bridge: 
  • Play tone – plays a system default tone which can be heard by all users on the bridge. A differentiated tone is played for joining and leaving which allows for recognition of users joining or leaving.
  • Play Recorded Name – Prompts a user joining a conference to record their name which is played with before the tone when they join and leave the conference.
  • No Notification – Callers join and leave the conference without any notification to the others on the bridge.
  • Ports 
  • Allocated Ports on Bridge – Ports define the maximum number of simultaneous attendees that can be on the conference bridge at the same time. The default is 20. The supported range is 3 to 147.
  • Mute all attendees on entrance – When selected, all attendees joining a conference will be automatically muted.
  • Require moderator to start conference – When selected, a conference will not begin until the moderator joins the conference. All attendees will hear hold music after joining until the moderator joins.
  • End conference when moderator departs – Check box to enable. A conference will end when the moderator leaves the conference and all attendees will be disconnected. If not enabled, attendees will be able to continue on the bridge after the moderator leaves.
  • Meet-Me

This window shows the conference bridge settings defined by the administrator and the Conference and Moderator IDs for the assigned moderator.

  • Direct Dial Number – The phone number assigned to the bridge used to dial in and join a conference call.
  • Toll Free Number – The toll free number entered by the administrator for Caller ID purposes.
  • Extension – The extension number assigned to the bridge.
  • Time Zone – The time zone selected for the bridge.
  • Conference ID – A system generated ID to be shared with general attendees used to join this moderator’s conference after dialling the direct dial number.
  • Moderator Pin – A system generated ID for the moderator. When using this Pin, the moderator is given additional commands to control the use of an active conference calls 
  • Moderator Commands – Displays the list of commands available for the moderator.
  • Send Info Email – When clicked, an email is sent to the moderator user with the bridge information – direct dial number, toll free number Conference ID and Moderator Pin.
  • Recordings
  • Shows the list of recordings made by the moderator. Recordings will be kept the system for 30 days and will be automatically deleted on the 31st day.

5.6.3 Hit the Save Button

The Save button at the bottom of the screen must be clicked to save any configuration changes.

5.7 Ports

  • Allocated Ports on Bridge – Shows the total of bridge ports allocated to all moderators.
  • Ports Allocation Percentage – Shows a calculated percentage based on the allocated quantity of ports against the maximum number of ports (147) supported on the bridge. 

Note: It is common to see percentages above 100% as it may be desired to oversubscribe the ports to maximise the use of the bridge. Highly oversubscribed bridges, however, may have times of port exhaustion which will not allow some users to join a conference. If this occurs, lowering the allocation percentage would be recommended.

5.8 Reporting

Provides reports on the cumulative use of the conference bridge by all moderators.

5.8.1 Bridge Stats

  • Date Range – Enter a date range for the report. Hit the Generate button to run the report.
  • Generate - Hit the “Generate” button to run a report.
  • Total Calls – The total number of all calls on the bridge in the date range specified.
  • Conferences in Use – The total Conference moderator licenses which have been purchased and are active on the Site.
  • Total Minutes - The total duration in minutes of conference calls in the date range specified.
  • Average Conference Duration – The average duration of each conference call on this bridge during the time frame specified.
  • Average Calls per Conference - The average calls per conference license on this bridge during the time frame specified based on the Total Calls and Conferences in Use.

5.8.2 Conference Stats

  • Owner – the moderators which are assigned to the bridge.
  • Calls – The total quantity of calls.
  • Minutes - The total minutes used. 

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