1. Overview

Sometimes a caller needs to be placed on hold, what do you want them to hear while they wait? Silence is not the best policy in every case. There are two options for assigning the Music On Hold feature to your site:

  • Default: The system plays music to fill the silence and allow the customer to know they are still connected. 
  • Custom: Enables you to upload a customised message specific to your business – an advertisement, a customer reference quote, company overview, etc. 

The Music on Hold feature allows you to take either approach, with the ability to change your music/message anytime you want.

2. Feature Prerequisites/Restrictions

  • Music on Hold must be included in the Site package or purchased and provisioned for the site.

3. Log into the Portal

After entering the Service Provider URL in a browser, the Sign In window appears.

Figure 1 - Sign In Screen

Click here to go straight to the login page. Enter the Username and Password. These credentials are sent via email when the Customer or Site Administrators are set up through the order process or in the Portal.

4. Go to the Services tab

Figure 2 - Services Tab

4.1 Select Services in the left hand navigation menu

4.2 Select Music On Hold in the Site Package Settings section

Hit the Music on Hold button to open the Music on Hold screen for set-up and editing.

5. Feature Setup

Prior to using the Receptionist, the Site administrator must select which users receive access to the Receptionist web client. Hit the Configure link on the Receptionist icon.

5.1 Settings 

Figure 3 - Music On Hold Configuration

  • Apply To

Choose whether Music On Hold is applicable for On Hold and Call Park.

  • On Hold – Check to the box to enable. When enabled, users will hear the configured system or custom music when they are placed on hold by the BroadCloud user. When not enabled, users will hear silence when on hold.
  • Call Park – Checkbox to enable hold music for users that are parked to an extension or group and are waiting for someone to pick up. If not enabled, parked users will hear silence.
  • Music On Hold Source

Choose to use either the System or Custom music.

  • System – This is the system default music. Check the radio button to use.
  • Custom – Check the radio button to use custom music. Upload a file with the custom music recording.

Note: All custom Music On Hold files must be in .wav file format with CCITT u-Law or a-Law settings and 8kHz, 8 bit mono attributes. Using a basic sound converter will allow you to save your .wav file in this format. Maximum file size is 4.6 MB for ~10 minutes of playback.

  • Click the “download” button to open the computer’s browser or finder.
  • Find the file on the computer and hit save/open.
  • Hit “Save” to keep any changes.

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