1. Overview

Receptionist is a carrier-class Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony Attendant Console, specifically developed for hosted environments. It is used by “front-of-house” receptionists or telephone attendants, who screen inbound calls for enterprises. Receptionist realises the promise of IP telephony by enhancing business processes and delivering rich services in a user-friendly way.

BroadWorks Receptionist delivers the following real benefits to users:

  • An elegant design that is aesthetically pleasing
  • An ergonomic design that follows the natural work “flow” of a call from the left to the right of the screen
  • Improved business processes as only “valid” options are presented to the attendant
  • Professional call handling as critical information is available in “real time”
  • Accurate delivery of messages through a one-step process when people are unavailable
  • Web-based interface, accessible from a web browser

2. Feature Prerequisites/Restrictions

A user must be a Premium Station or Hosted PRI user to be assigned a Receptionist license.

3. Log into the Portal

After entering the Service Provider URL in a browser, the Sign In window appears.

Figure 1 - Sign In Screen

Click here to go straight to the login page. Enter the Username and Password. These credentials are sent via email when the Customer or Site Administrators are set up through the order process or in the Portal.

4. Go to the Services tab

Figure 2 - Service Tab

4.1 Select Services in the left hand navigation menu

4.2 Select Receptionist in the Productivity section

Hit the Receptionist button to open the Receptionist screen for set-up and editing.

5. Feature Setup

Prior to using the Receptionist, the Site administrator must select which users receive access to the Receptionist web client.

5.1 Select Site

Figure 3 - Choose a Site

The Receptionist licenses are tracked at a Site level. Select a Site from the list of Sites

5.2 Choose the Users to Assign a License

Figure 4 - Assign Receptionist Users

  • View the Total and Available Consoles counter to see if licenses are available to assign.
  • Choose the users to receive a Receptionist license by toggling the On/Off button in the Status column. Users may be found by paging through the User list.

5.3 Choose the Users for the Receptionist to Monitor

Hit the Edit button next to a user whose status is “On” (has an assigned license). A new screen will appear. This screen allows selection of users in the Site that the Receptionist monitors. The monitoring feature provide a visual indication of the user’s phone status via the color of an icon next to the user’s name: Green – on-hook, Red-on a call, and Yellow-ringing.

Monitored users will appear in the Receptionist web client in the “Monitored” tab. These monitored users are considered Statically monitored. The client also supports Dynamically monitored users which are selected within the web client.

5.3.1 Choose Users in the Available List

The Available list shows the users which are available to be assigned a Receptionist license.

5.3.2 Add Users to the Assigned List

To make an assignment, check the box next to the desired user or users in the “Available” box and hit the 

 arrow. The selected users will show up in the Assigned list.

5.3.3 Remove Users from the Assigned List

To unassign users, check the box next to the desired user or users in the “Assigned” box and hit the 

 arrow. The selected users will show up in the Available list.

6. Feature Operation

See the Receptionist User Guide.

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