When you first launch the application, you are prompted to sign in. 

1) If displayed, enter the login Uniform Resource Locator (URL) provided by the service provider. 

2) Enter your bOnline username and password. 

3) Select whether you would like Communicator to remember your password. 

4) Select whether you would like Communicator to sign you in automatically on subsequent launches. 

5) Click Sign In. 

You can also access Help and Preferences directly from the login window. 

NOTE: If you choose automatic sign in, you are automatically signed in and taken to the Main window upon subsequent Communicator launches. Otherwise, you are presented with the Sign In screen when launching the application. In the Main window, your default tab when signing in depends on service provider configuration; otherwise, Communicator remembers the tab you were on at sign out and opens that same tab at sign in. 

The Login window offers the last used username, but the password shall be automatically filled in only if you have checked the Save password checkbox. If multiple people use the same machine, only the last password is entered as a security measure. If you change the username in the Login window through editing it, or using the drop-down list to pick another one, Communicator will not fill in the password; you are always expected to type it in. This also applies when re-selecting or re-entering the last used username. 

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