Active communications appear at the top of the Contacts list in the Main window (native desktop only). This area provides an easy view to see the people with whom you are communicating. By default starting in Release 20.1.0, the call window is shown in the Active Communications area in the Main window (where the call can be fully controlled in the desktop client). It reduces the number of communications windows; however, a separate call window can still be opened using an Active Communications menu. The following is also available in this area: 

  • Double-click an active communication item to bring this Communications window to focus if the call window is separately shown. If the call window is integrated, you can use a menu option to show it separately. 
  • End a call. 
  • Mute the microphone. 
  • Place a call on hold. 
  • Merge two calls or transfer by dragging and dropping calls onto each other. 
  • Transfer a call. 
  • Make conference calls. 
  • Park and retrieve calls. 
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