Depending on your service provider settings, you can have either Visual Voice Mail (preview feature) or Message Waiting Indication (MWI) view in your client. 

The MWI service allows you to receive a notification for a waiting voice mail.By clicking on the message icon in the upper part of the Main window, Communicator calls the predefined mailbox number to allow the user to listen to the voicemail. 

It is also possible to call voicemail from the dialer by long pressing the “1” icon in the dialer. 

When visual voicemail is enabled, a third tab is available, showing visual voicemails. Click on individual mails to listen to them. 

Missed calls are indicated by an icon in the Main window. Missed audio calls are indicated with a different icon. Note that the MWI icon is in the same place when it indicates a new voicemail. 

Visual voicemail is also supported when enabled by your service provider. You can see all voice mails in a list and play them inside the Main window. 

The following settings are needed on CommPilot portal to have visual voicemail: 

  • Voice messaging enabled 
  • “When message arrives, use unified messaging” option enabled 
  • “Use Phone Message Waiting Indicator” option enabled 
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