Team telephony is comprised of a team telephony window showing the predefined team members and their related call states (native desktop only). For a ringing call, the only action is to pick it up.

Each team telephony member can have four call states: available, busy in call, ringing, and offline. The status for a team telephony member is shown in the team telephony window. When a line is ringing, you can see the caller ID in the respective lines tooltip if configured by your service provider. All team members can see the full list of team members in the team telephony window. A double-click on the team member performs the default action towards the contact. You can drag and drop people from the contact list to the team telephony window or vice versa to transfer or conference calls.

The corresponding server side service must be provisioned and assigned by the service provider for the client to work. Usual call management options are available once the call has been answered.

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