Communicator supports a search of the enterprise directory as well as the personal directory, enterprise common directory, and group common. This takes place in the same Search field that is used for both a local contact list search. The various directories have different purposes with the enterprise directory having the most data, and not all directories may be used in all deployments. All search results are combined into one common set of results. 

Personal directory, enterprise common, and group common directories cannot be modified from the client side. Only read access is provided. 

Personal directory provides your own special contacts that are not in the enterprise directory, for instance, partner company’s numbers while group common contains, for example, the group’s contacts such as favorite pizza taxi. 

Communicator automatically searches the local contacts in addition to the enterprise and other directories at the same time. As soon as there are results from the enterprise and other directories, these results are shown on a separate list in the Main window. Additionally, there may be other search result groups from other search sources such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) (native desktop only). 

Search results are displayed differently depending on the results of the contact list and directory search: 

  • If LDAP search (Corporate directory) is enabled, there are more result groups. 
  • If there are no results for a certain search source (for example, local contacts, LDAP, or bOnline Telephony Directory), then that group is different in the UI. 

The enterprise directory searches all available fields for the search string. By default, it waits for 1.5 seconds before it sends the search request to the server to minimise unnecessary load on the server. 

Release 21.5.0 introduced support for showing phone number in the search results to better distinguish similar search results. In addition, tooltips are provided for search results. 

Typically, when adding a contact using directory search results, there are phone numbers and first names in addition to last names available 

LDAP search (Corporate directory) needs to be enabled by your service provider. In addition, you must manually provide your LDAP credentials in the Preferences → Security tab. LDAP search results are provided in the corporate directory group in the search results. 

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