Communicator for Desktop supports integrating with Microsoft Skype for Business (S4B) (native desktop only). The intended main use case is using Communicator for non-S4B calls such as calls to mobile and S4B-to-S4B calls still take place via S4B. 

Existing S4B integration with, for example, SharePoint, Office 365, and Internet Explorer can be used so that calls can be made from those applications. 

Usual Communicator call control features such as hang up, mute, transfer, conference, and Call Park are supported. Communicator call logs and call settings are also available in this configuration. 

Communicator must be started after S4B for calling to work smoothly. 

For detailed calling examples, see Appendix C: Skype for Business Integration. For a general overview of this feature, see the UC-One Add-in for Microsoft S4B Product Guide. 

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