Communicator supports the following service management features allowing supplementary services to be managed using the Preferences and Call Settings view available in the Main window left pane by selecting the appropriate sub-view in the drop down: 

  • Incoming calls 
  • bOnline Remote Office 
  • Forward Calls 
  • Do Not Disturb 
  • Simultaneous Ring Personal 
  • Anonymous Call Rejection 
  • Call Waiting 
  • Voice Messaging 
  • Outgoing Calls 
  • Block My Number (Calling Line Identification Presentation [CLIP]/Calling Line Identification Restriction [CLIR]) 
  • Automatic Callback 
  • Highlight to call 

You can also use the call settings with a Main window toolbar on the top of the window, if this feature is enabled. When enabled, this feature allows Do Not Disturb, Remote Office, and Call Forwarding to be managed in the Main window using single clicks or right clicks. From Release 20.2 onwards, the Call Settings toolbar is an icon in the left pane with right-click menus. 

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