Installer supports a number of options on Windows (native desktop only): 

  • Agree to the license agreement. 
  • Run when system starts (can be changed later in Preferences window). 
  • Create a desktop icon. 
  • Select destination folder for installation. 
  • Select name of the software in Program menu. 
  • Launch client after installation. 

When installer has been run on an end user’s behalf by an administrator, the “Run program when system starts” option cannot be changed that end user. 

If you disable startup, for example, in the Task Manager's Startup list (on Windows 8 and 10) or from msconfig.exe on Windows 7, the change is not reflected in Preferences. The checkbox remains checked and grey even though the client is not actually started automatically when the system starts. 

When Communicator is installed for the first time, you can choose the language if many languages are supported in the installer. The default language is the language of the operating system; if that cannot be found, English is used as the fallback. 

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