What is a Phishing scam and what should I do if I get one?

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Phishing is a scam that uses email to try and trick you into giving out confidential information.

Phishing emails will often use familiar logos and look like they've come from a genuine company or person but are sent by criminals who want to access your online accounts and details.

Phishing emails can be tricky to spot; which is why it is important to stay alert and report any mail that looks suspicious. 

Important notice

We take your security very seriously, so if you ever receive an email claiming to be from us requesting any of this information, don't reply to it, don't follow any of the links and please report it to us straight away.

How do I report a phishing scam to bOnline?

If you've received an email pretending to be from bOnline or any other business, please let us know.

To report a phishing scam to our team, you'll need to follow a few simple steps. 

  • First, save the original email to your computer or device
  • Create a new email and attach the original email file
  • Send to service@bonline.com, with the email subject: Phishing Scam. 

We'll look into the issue as soon as we can. Please note, that we're unable to reply to individual requests.

How can I tell if I've received a phishing email?

Phishing emails are designed to look like genuine messages from legitimate companies, which can make them tricky to spot. 

If you look closely, you'll see that they're often missing specific details that a genuine sender would know. They also ask you for private information that the real company would never ask for.

The tell-tale signs of a phishing email:

Here are 5 key things to look out for:

  • Does it use your full name? Phishing emails usually use terms like 'Dear Customer' as they do not have your details.
  • Does it use an attention-grabbing subject header? Look for phrases like "you've won!", "forward this to everyone you know!" or "This is NOT a hoax!"
  • Does the internet address look correct? Phishers often use addresses that look like a proper address but have extra words, letters or symbols.
  • Are there spelling mistakes or does it seem badly written? Reputable companies wouldn't make these kinds of mistakes.
  • Are you being asked to verify your personal or bank details? Remember, bOnline will NEVER ask you for your full password or to verify any of your details over email. 

What does a phishing email look like?

Although this is not an all-inclusive list, here are some common examples of phishing techniques to keep an eye out for:

  • Account deactivation scam: You receive an email to say that your account hasn't been verified, with a fake verification link. These emails are used to trick you into visiting a malicious site and giving out your login information.
  • Advance fee scam: You get an email from a stranger claiming that you're owed a large sum of money. As a general rule, if a stranger ever contacts you offering to give away money, it's a scam.
  • Fake pharmaceuticals: These emails attempt to sell you fake 'revolutionary' medication. You provide your bank details and the product doesn't work, never arrives, or worse- is harmful to your health.
  • Prize scam: You receive an email claiming that you've won a cash prize, even if you haven't entered any competition. The email will contain a link to a malicious site and may ask for your bank details to send your money to you.

What should I do if I get one?

Here are some general rules to follow if you think you've received a phishing email:

  • If the email appears to be from bOnline, please report it to us.
  • Don't open it.
  • Delete it straight away.
  • Don’t use any of the links in the email. 
  • If you're still unsure, contact the company to check if it's real. However, always use contact details that you trust. 

Phishing isn't the only way scammers can trick information out of you. It's important to stay alert and take the right steps to protect yourself.  

Have you received a phishing email? Report it to our team.

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