How do I run a speed test?

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Your broadband speed is the rate at which information is sent (uploaded) and received (downloaded) through the internet connection in your office. 

Using our speed test, you can find out what broadband speed you're getting. The test works by calculating how long it takes to download a small file onto your computer.

The result shows how many Megabits (Mbps) your router can transfer in a second, so the higher the number, the faster your broadband connection.

Mbps and MBps: what's the difference?

When measuring your broadband speed, it's important to know the difference between Megabytes and Megabits. Megabits (Mb) are used to measure internet download and upload speeds, whereas Megabytes (MB) are used to measure the size of computer files, such as JPEG images.

A Megabit is 1/8th of the size of a Megabyte. So to download a 1 MB file in 1 second, your broadband speed would need to be 8 Mbps. 

Run a speed test

For the best results, take a look at our tips before you start:

  • Test with a wired connection for the most accurate reading. Simply plug your computer into the router using an Ethernet cable before running the speed test.
  • If you're running the test using WiFi you should be no more than three meters away from your router. You should also make sure there are no obstacles (like furniture or household appliances) in the way.
  • Find your average speed by running three tests on different days at different times. This will give you a much clearer picture of your actual broadband speed. Run speed test

Is your broadband running slower than it should be? We'll help you solve any speed issues quickly and easily.

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