Can internet security help my connection?

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Keeping everything safe and secure has numerous benefits for all Internet users. It can help you get the best speeds from your broadband connection, prevent your computer from getting viruses or picking up spyware, protect important information like your bank details and passwords, and shield your family from unsuitable websites.

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How can I protect my WiFi connection?

You can protect your WiFi connection by using a wireless network password. Most bOnline routers have a password as standard, to stop unwanted guests from using your connection. If you think somebody has access to your WiFi password, you can easily change it. 

Remember, your speed is shared amongst every device that’s using your WiFi. If anyone steals your connection it can affect your speed – especially if they are performing bandwidth intensive tasks like downloading or streaming films.

How can I prevent viruses and spyware?

Both viruses and spyware can have a huge effect on your computer speed. Spyware can slow your computer down by consuming its resources and making all tasks – including using the internet – seem sluggish. Viruses can eat up your connection by performing repetitive tasks like sending countless emails to propagate itself, leaving little computing power or connection speed for much else.

To stop your computer from getting infected, it’s a good idea to install good quality anti-virus software and keep it running at all times. If you find your computer slowing down all of a sudden, it might be worth doing a full virus scan.

How can I protect my bank details and passwords?

Internet security suites and firewalls can help prevent others from stealing valuable information from you, like bank details and passwords. Keep your PC or laptop protected against viruses wherever you go.

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