5G ZTE MC801A has no internet connection

Modified on Fri, 31 May 2024 at 07:29 AM

Troubleshoot the device with no internet

  • If some of your devices (computer, phone, laptop, tablet etc.) can connect to the internet, but one can’t, then the problem might be the device and not related to the modem.

  • Try these troubleshooting steps for the device having problems:

  • Turn it off, and then on again

  • Stop any downloads or programs running in the background

  • Close all apps if you’re using many at once

  • Check it’s not in flight mode

  • Check that WiFi is enabled

Switch to an ethernet cable

  • If your PC or laptop is connected to the ZTE MC801A via WiFi consider switching the connection via an ethernet cable. Ethernet cables provide a more reliable connection.

Make sure the modem is in a good place

The position of the ZTE MC801A can greatly influence the WiFi signal, ensure you follow these tips:

  • Where possible, place your modem in a central location in your house, off the floor and slightly away from the wall.

  • Dense obstacles such as walls, floors, ceilings, hot water cylinders, aquariums etc. limit Wi-Fi performance and range.

  • To prevent interference of your WiFi signal, do not place the modem near electronic devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones or wireless transmitters like baby or room monitors.

  • Do not place the modem in an enclosed space such as a cupboard, under or behind a desk, a large item or a big piece of furniture.

Check the modem’s LEDs are flashing correctly

  • The modem’s LEDs can tell you if the modem is working properly or not. If they are NOT flashing properly, you’ll need to redo the installation process in case it was not done correctly. See the 5G ZTE MC801A router overview.

Check you’re using the right network name and password

  • If the WiFi network is open for connection, it will show up under available WiFi networks on your device.

  • If it’s not showing up, double-check that you’re looking for the right name – the default name and password are on the sticker on the ZTE MC801A.

  • If you have changed the network name or password but forget what they are, a factory reset will restore the default name and password.

Restart the modem & Complete a Network Power Cycle to refresh the network

  • A power cycle requires both the Power Unit and the Indoor Router to be unplugged from the wall.

  • The units need to remain off for 3-5 minutes, then reconnect power and allow 3-5 minutes to reboot and re-establish a connection to the internet.

  • Now check that the Router LEDs are flashing correctly and that the devices are functioning normally. Sometimes a simple reboot of the ZTE MC801A can fix the problem. See how to restart your router.

Reset the modem to factory settings

For any further assistance, please get in touch with our team at customerservice@bonline.com

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