I'm struggling to make and receive calls

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If you're a regular user:

Check the power supply of the phone, or the ethernet cable if the phone is using PoE (Power over Ethernet is a means of carrying electrical power through data cables. With PoE-enabled devices, electrical current passes through the ethernet cable along with the data normally carried by an ethernet cable).

If you're an administrator - If it’s a new phone:

  • Phone model and MAC address are needed to generate the phone configuration. If this information is incorrect the phones won't be working.
  • If the phone model does not appear in the creation menu, it means it’s not supported. In this case, the phone needs to be configured by hand.

Check if other phones of the same model are working:

  • If other phones of the same model are working properly, check the firmware version. If the firmware version is different from the working phones, book a session with our onboarding team.

Is the network configuration OK?

Using the embedded menu of the phone, check if the network configuration is OK:

  • Is the phone on the proper VLAN?
  • Does it have an IP address?
  • Does it have a gateway and a DNS?

If the problem is related to VLAN, check the configuration of the switch port used by the phone.

For further assistance please refer to this guide or contact our team at voipcare@bonline.com

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